Nothing of Note

I am writing this blog, not for any particular reason other than I have to write something, even if it is only a mindless rambling of incomplete thoughts. At least I am writing. I could write about my day, the six hours I spent driving from Georgia to North Carolina. I started my morning with a hangover, I showered, got dressed and went downstairs to help myself to the scrumptious Continental Breakfast consisting of a stale bagel, two hard-boiled eggs, an apple and a banana. I grabbed a cup of coffee, a little hair of the dog, popped an adderall and headed down the highway.
Interstate 20 was void of much traffic, still there were plenty of idiot drivers out there with me, and to some, I was the idiot driver, but I digress. The next six hours are a blur, all I can remember was looking at my Garmin watching the miles tick down until my destination. I had to stop twice for gas and coffee. I find that it is harder for me to travel long distances in one shot. My legs get sore. my ass falls asleep and I need to pull over just to stop everything if only for a moment. Anyway, fuck it, this my blog for the day.


About Robert Elbertson

Welcome to my page. I'm a middle aged man, who smokes too much and drinks too much. I like to pretend that I'm a writer. I'm certain, that as you read my posts, that you will find that I am not. No matter. Feel free to read, comment, give feedback, good or bad, serious critiquing will be appreciated. The only way I can get better, is to receive feedback on what I write. I really don't care if you feel the need to be harsh. I deal with assholes on a daily basis. But, if the criticism is intended to help me get better, then I am all for it. I am looking forward to this new venture. Thank you for your time. View all posts by Robert Elbertson

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