note the smug, arrogant look, never mind about the glassy, half open eyes.

I started this blog about three weeks ago. Is there anyone on here who is able to give honest feedback on my posts? My writings sound good to me, but that is just ego. I need some real criticisms on my writings. So please, all Grammar Nazis, English Teachers, People that are on the same level as myself (although I don’t really know what that is), alcoholic, washed up writers (who happen to be my favorite). Even those wonderful, egocentric writers who loving nothing more than to bash amateur neophytes, like myself. Please feel free to comment on anything. I am looking forward to it.


About Robert Elbertson

Welcome to my page. I'm a middle aged man, who smokes too much and drinks too much. I like to pretend that I'm a writer. I'm certain, that as you read my posts, that you will find that I am not. No matter. Feel free to read, comment, give feedback, good or bad, serious critiquing will be appreciated. The only way I can get better, is to receive feedback on what I write. I really don't care if you feel the need to be harsh. I deal with assholes on a daily basis. But, if the criticism is intended to help me get better, then I am all for it. I am looking forward to this new venture. Thank you for your time. View all posts by Robert Elbertson

7 responses to “Feedback

  • paulznewpostbox

    Got your message….Quiet honestly I do hold (too much), with ‘correct grammar’ in all creative writing, often one has to break the rules to make the narration personal to the reader.

    No matter if you have spent several years studying Lit & Lang at Oxford, if you want to your writing to have a personal touch which is unique to yourself, just write as much as you can, it is the only true way to hone your craft.

    But don’t just stay in one medium, challenge yourself with poetry, not forgetting haiku. Write micro and flash fiction along with your essays while your working on that novel………In a few months you will look back and see how much more you understand about what you are doing.

    By the way, I’m following your blog because I enjoy your style of writing. Don’t stop.

    Paul 🙂


  • paulznewpostbox

    Whoops…the first line should be ‘I do NOT hold…….Typo!!


  • Robert Elbertson

    Haha. I didn’t even notice it.


  • mdtodorovich


    I’d be happy to provide occasional feedback. I’ll keep me eyes open as I see you show up on the reader. If I see something, whether good or in need of revision, I’ll let you know.

    That being said, I’m always happy to have others comment on my own blog. If you have any thoughts or opinions about my future blog topics, let me know!


  • Friiday

    someone on the other side of the world is reading your blog while drinking cup of coffee
    stories from the road are the best ! if you can post some photos

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