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note the smug, arrogant look, never mind about the glassy, half open eyes.

I started this blog about three weeks ago. Is there anyone on here who is able to give honest feedback on my posts? My writings sound good to me, but that is just ego. I need some real criticisms on my writings. So please, all Grammar Nazis, English Teachers, People that are on the same level as myself (although I don’t really know what that is), alcoholic, washed up writers (who happen to be my favorite). Even those wonderful, egocentric writers who loving nothing more than to bash amateur neophytes, like myself. Please feel free to comment on anything. I am looking forward to it.

Another Senseless Blog

I am writing this blog with no idea on what to write about. Whenever I try to write about even the smallest thing, I feel the urge to put in so many details that something like walking down the street turns into a goddamn novella. Is it my ego? Am I afraid that if I do not extend a simple story int an epic that I may come across as inept or amateurish? I guess walking down the street is just that…walking down the street.

Sunday Morning

If you wake up in the morning and realized that you did not finish that last glass of scotch, DO NOT throw it away, it goes very well with your morning coffee, and it is not a bad way to start your day either. Sundays are special. It is the only day I can ease into. I have my coffee (see above), play some music, contemplate all of the events from the previous week (good and bad), and if all goes well, get some writing done.

About Me

My name is Robert. I started a blog in the hopes that I could get some feedback on my writing, as well as share some of the more interesting events that I have experienced in my life, so far.
The easiest way for me to put it would be: I spent the first half of my life doing; now I want to spend the next half writing about it.
I am far from being an accomplished writer, my severe lack of a formal education will become evident the more you read my posts, nonetheless, I have so many ideas and experiences that I feel I need to get them written down. I have no problem with constructive criticism as long as it is pertains to specific aspect of my writing. It is easy to shit-hammer someone’s writing for the fun of it or if you just want to be a dick, but that does not help someone become a better writer.
I find it easier to communicate through writing than speaking. I am not shy; it’s just words on paper come easier to me than speaking. Anyway, I wanted to keep this short and to the point. Any and all feedback is wanted and appreciated. Thank you.